Roll-A-Covers Coming Soon!
A Sampling of our future jobs in production.

Carolina Ale House

Located in the Carolina’s, this sports bar will be opening sometime this fall with (2) Roll-A-Cover enclosure products which are already built ready for install. One is a 20’ deep by 70’ long retractable enclosure and the other is a 20’ wide by 70’ long fixed rooftop skylight. Our products were specified by the owner and also the architect because of our unique design capabilities not only with our retractable enclosure concept but also because our ability to custom build to their specific design requirements for their fixed skylight. The benefits to these clients is that it is “one stop shopping” for all of their rooftop needs.

RARE View, New York City

Set on the 26th floor of the Wyndam Hotel on west 26th street Manhattan, this 4 custom enclosure rooftop project boasts one of the greatest views of the city. The owners have be tremendous advocates of Roll-A-Cover for years and with their newest rooftop addition to their already ground level restaurant within the same hotel, their guests will be given on of the greatest treats in the city.. A “Rare View” of the city.. These 4 custom enclosures where pre-built prior to the roof level being completed and with hard work and design support by Roll-A-Cover’s staff and design team, the enclosures are being installed as we speak with perfection.

Ozio, Washington DC

Ozio’s, a family run business is set within the tremendous city limits of Washington, DC. This rooftop project will be 5 stories above the city streets with a nightclub venue that will set Ozio’s on fire. The systems will be 2 back to back enclosures that are 20’ deep by 40’ long and RETRACTABLE.. The custom 3 pitch and vaulted ceiling will give this rooftop paradise a feeling of being in the Caribbean with the planned palm tree décor. The owners were looking for a market advantage over all of the other nightclubs in the area and with the first rooftop nightclub, they will be the “hit of the town”

Hudson River Cafe, Harlum

This upper west side restaurant nightclub has a tremendous outdoor seating area that they have had for years which was covered with inexpensive and unattractive plastic tent that is common in the industry. These owners have frequented many NYC clubs and restaurants that Rollacover has been installed at and from their research has chosen Rollacover as the number one product for their redesigned outdoor patio project. This 3 tier enclosure will give them approx.. 3000 sq. feet of usable space when it rains or snows and also open to the sun when a outdoor feeling is what their quests are looking for. This project will be completed sometime this fall.

Citizen Bar

A hidden secret within the city lights of Chicago will boast another tremendous rooftop enclosure by Rollacover. The custom enclosure system will provide a entire rooftop feeling of being outdoors with the enclosure being designed to fully retract to one end. This custom design took  weeks to solidify and with lot of brainstorming  efforts by the client, their design team and Rollacover’s design team, the custom rolling process has been developed and ready to be built. This roof loses a tremendous amount of business in the winter months and also when it rains but not for long..

The size is about 25’ deep by 100’ long..


This mid-town Manhattan rooftop project will boast one of the most glamorous yet innovative restaurants to ever hit the city streets of NYC. Its European model is being re-produced globally with NYC being their U.S. landing. With dozens of unique Italian court yard food venues that garnish the very essence of Italy and the Italian way of life, Rollacover’s rooftop garden area will be the ‘frosting on the cake” . The owners of this global phenomenon measured several companies design capabilities and business reputation against each other and Rollacover came out as the most recognized for their A+ industry reputation. This 4000 sq. foot + multi-tier rooftop enclosure will be completed by the fall of 2010.

China Grill Group
China Grill Management

The China Grill Group, owned by the world renown Jeffrey Chadoro has already enjoyed the year round benefits of Rollacover’s retractable enclosures within NYC limits.  The China Grill once again has commissioned Rollacover to manufacture a 188’ long by 16’ deep retractable enclosure system for their amazing new restaurant in mid-town. This restaurant area will also offer a massive, like at least 50’ by 50’ + movie screen so that you are enjoying the award winning dining that China grill has given NYC for years you will be able to watch on a huge screen across a incredible court yard a movie, sports or whatever the management team offers as entertainment on that very night. This project will be recognized as a major award winning enclosure project with this facilities innovative NYC amenities.

Rachel's Waterside Grill
Rachel's Wateside Grill - Seafood Grill in Freeport Long Island on the Waterfront Nassau County New York

This 21’ long by 28’ wide retractable patio enclosure will give this Long Island waterside restaurant tremendous growth capability. These clients have been communicating with Rollacover for over 2 years and also have researched all design options and finally decided that Rollacover was the best product quality for the cost. This area will also become a private party space that is guaranteed space no matter what the weather is. Installation is expected before the end of November 2010. Stay tuned for updated installed pictures.

Midtown Loft

This project is another great rooftop enclosure resting many floors above the New York City Skyline on 5th avenue.  This project will host 2 separate enclosures with different depths which will connect in the middle when closed. This client will benefit from the use of their rooftop patio area year round when before the enclosure this area was lost to rain, excessive wind and of course snow. The system, is approx.. 88’ long when closed and when open the opened area will be approx. 66’ open to the weather.

Bonsai Tree Project

A very exciting project for both the customer and Rollacover. This enclosure will be located in Northern New jersey and it will be used for Bonsai Tree’s. The client needed a protective area for his many 100-200 year old trees in the winter and in the summer the system has been designed to have removable walls on one end so that the charm of his spectacular backyard landscape isn’t impeded by a lot of aluminum and glass. It’s a very custom project that the client needed a custom fabricator with a lot of great ideas and enclosure knowledge to develop and Rollacover, with their decades of unique enclosure experience became the perfect fit.

Sunny Atlantic Beach Club

This long Island beach side project will offer the client a tremendous amount of added days of business when the weather is poor. The benefits of having such a retractable enclosure project installed versus a traditional vinyl tent concept would give these restaurant owners the benefit of continuing with their outdoor feeling when the weather is fine. This system will have a center beam installed and 2 back to back 22’ deep lean too enclosures will be craned into place.

6 Columbus Circle

Another happy client. This is the second project that Rollacover will be installing for the Thompson Hotel Group. This enclosure will be nestled within their rooftop area overlooking Columbus circle on their mid-town hotel. With rooftop nightclubs taking the city by storm and with the Thompson groups tremendous success with Rollacover at their lower Manhattan Hotel, their decision to have another great enclosure and club became a logical call. This project may be completed by the end of the year.

Ocean Key Resort

Ocean Key resort in Virginia beach, Va requested Rollacover to manufacturer for them a new FIXED sunroom enclosures for their Hotel. The retractable enclosure concept wouldn't work with this existing application but with Rollacover's decades of sunroom enclosure experience, they became the best fit company for this restoration project. Rollacover's fabrication and manufacturing experience has manufactured fixed skylights and sunrooms for generations and with several projects in the design phase today that are fixed, the opportunities for Rollacovers clients to have enclosure options whether retractable or fixed are endless. Rollacover always says, "we've got you covered!"