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Enhance your Outdoor Space with a
Roll-A-Cover Retractable Enclosure

For commercial clients, retractable roofs and retractable enclosures:

  1. provide year-round revenue generation to business owners
  2. close easily to shelter your customers from bad weather
  3. bring a WOW factor to your restaurant, hotel, or rooftop while creating an ambiance that sets you apart from your competition 
  4. and, finally, are architecturally pleasing adding a new dimension to your space. 

For residential clients, retractable roofs:

  1. allow you to use your pool, hot tub, or swim spa year-round, even on inclement weather days
  2. maximize your pool investment
  3. are trackless and easily roll open to enjoy the outdoors on warm, sunny days
  4. are custom built to each site, therefore, meet snow and wind loads throughout the country
  5. promote energy efficiency and provide natural ventilation 

Create an unforgettable commercial or residential outdoor space with a Roll-A-Cover retractable roof enclosure. 

Roll-A-Cover Manufactures:

Retractable Sunrooms *  Hot Tub Enclosures
Hotel Enclosures * Retractable Walkways
Retractable Restaurant Enclosures * Wind Walls
Patio Enclosures *Double Hung Infill Walls
Deck Enclosures * Rooftop Enclosures
Retractable Skylights * Pool Enclosures
Retractable Pool Enclosures * Retractable Pool Coverings 
Rolling Walls * Retractable Rolling Wall Systems * Retractable Greenhouses * Retractable Roof Enclosures
Telescopic Enclosures * Custom Fabrication Designs Available


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