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“Love the aesthetic of this place. The retractable roof on the second floor is genius.”

“For some venues, rooftop season is only during the summer, but for RARE View Chelsea, rooftop season is all year long – thanks to a gorgeous retractable roof!”

“Sitting on the second floor with the rooftop open was amazing.”

“The best part of the space is absolutely the retractable room, great touch.”

“The setting is beautiful and the retractable roof in the back is so quaint and unique.”

Roll-A-Cover strives for excellence and customer satisfaction with every retractable enclosure application and installation. With over 500 enclosures installed throughout North America and Europe over the past 17 years, Roll-A-Cover is committed to providing its clients with the finest retractable or fixed enclosures in the industry.

Roll-A-Cover’s trackless retractable glass enclosure systems and retractable roofs have ensured that summer doesn’t have to end. Instead of having your pool open for a few months, you can now use it year-round. With the standard trackless models, you can utilize your pool on cold, cloudy, windy, rainy or even snowy days. The retractable enclosure concept is simple and provides the best protection from all of natures elements. The units are custom designed to cover your pool when the weather is less than desirable, but can be rolled open in minutes to enjoy those sunny, warm days that still enable the feel of openness and being outdoors.

For Roll-A-Cover’s commercial clients, retractable enclosures ensure continued revenue generating use of your valuable outdoor dining space, hotel rooftop bar, or nightclub, during inclement weather. In addition, Roll-A-Cover’s retractable enclosures and retractable roofs are custom designed, engineered and built to your site using one or a variety of Roll-A-Cover’s retractable enclosure products. 

Roll-A-Cover is installing retractable enclosures and retractable roofs on restaurants, rooftops, and pools throughout New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., and around the world. Call us today at 866-393-7292 to discuss your project.

Roll-A-Cover Manufactures:

* Retractable Sunrooms * Retractable Hot Tub Enclosures
* Retractable Hotel Enclosures * Retractable Walkways
* Retractable Restaurant Enclosures * Retractable Wind Walls
* Retractable Patio Enclosures *Double Hung Infill Walls
* Retractable Deck Enclosures * Retractable Rooftop Enclosures
* Retractable Skylights * Retractable Canopies * Retractable Pool Covers
* Retractable Pool Enclosures * Retractable Pool Coverings * Retractable Vestibules
* Rolling Walls * Retractable Rolling Wall Systems * Retractable Greenhouses * Retractable Roofs
*Telescopic Enclosures * Custom Fabrication Designs Available

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