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Roll-A-Cover manufactures, ships, & installs worldwide. We work factory direct from our manufacturing facility in Connecticut, where all our products are made. Roll-A-Cover products are proudly ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ 
Since each project is site specific, it is best to send us as much information as you can (pictures, dimensions, plans) so we can properly design & quote your project. Please reach us at or 203-393-7292. 

Residential Pool FAQ:

1. What is a retractable pool/spa enclosure? Is it a winter cover?

Our retractable enclosures are structural systems that protect your pool from inclement weather. When the weather is nice you can simply roll the trackless system open and enjoy the outdoors. When the weather is inclement and during winter months, you can continue to enjoy your pool! Our products, which are trackless systems, have many benefits over a tracked system usually found in the industry. Since our retractable enclosures are trackless, there is no concern for tripping on the tracks. Also, debris will not collect in the tracks causing issues cleaning and rolling the system.

2. Retractable Pool Enclosure Costs Questions:

Each enclosure is built to the site so there are many factors that go into the quoting process (size, design, glazing, height, windows, doors, aluminum frame color, motors, site work, labor, shipping). Our enclosures are typically $150- $180 a square foot depending on these variables. Pictures and dimensions will help in a more accurate design & quote.

To understand the quoting factors in greater detail click here. 

3. Is a Roll-A-Cover enclosure a thin tubular designed product that is cheap looking?

Most Roll-A-Cover enclosures are designed to withstand wind speeds of 140 MPH and a snow load of 60 per square foot based on how we manufacture the system. If requested, it can then be certified by a structural engineer. The system has been designed with strength, longevity, and safety in mind. It’s a structural addition over your pool/spa with a hidden wheel system, which in most cases makes the system trackless. We are at least twice the structural design makeup over most other trackless enclosures in the industry. Most retractable enclosures in the industry require a track. In most cases, ours do not. We are a custom fabrication manufacturer which gives us an incredible amount of design flexibility. Our enclosures not only have architectural enhancements designed within the system, but custom components that you can only appreciate by seeing one of our many enclosures in the marketplace today. 

4. I have an existing pool; will it work on my pool?

The chances are, yes. There may have to be a few modifications to your site in regards to the size and smoothness/levelness of your existing surface. We always require the site to be evaluated by you, an architect, a local contractor, or by our Roll-A-Cover team.

5. Do your Roll-A-Cover enclosures have to be fastened down?

There is a different tie down requirement for each application if required by engineering. Most applications have only the fixed section fastened with an anchoring system and all temporary anchors set for each additional 7″ rolling section. The internal locking system provides protection from intruders, but we recommend having your enclosure secured to a satisfactory structural concrete surface in case of storms.

6. Is it hot in the enclosure?

Our enclosures have a UV protective coating on the 10mm twin wall roof system which keeps it warm in the winter with the greenhouse affect and reflects in the summer. You can add sliding doors with screens around all perimeter side walls for additional ventilation when the room must be closed. We use ¼” tempered glass. By using glass on the walls versus acrylic it is easier to clean and doesn’t scratch as easily as any plastic material would and is far more durable.

Based on your use and year-round intentions, we do recommend asking a local HVAC contractor to evaluate your heating and coolant loads based on the final glazing options that you choose. We can always adjust the glazing options if a more efficient year-round space is requested. Our retractable enclosures add a cost effective benefit when they must be closed as well as an open air feeling on nice days. 

7. Do the heat benefits affect pool water?

Of course! Our enclosures can raise the water temperature by 10-40 degrees or keep the temperature consistent as long as the sun is out. It can also increase the ambient air temperature by 15-25 degrees plus. Don’t forget about the protection from leaves, dirt, and other falling debris which will reduce chemical usage and labor costs from cleaning during the fall months or windy days. We have projects that have been 70-80 degrees inside the enclosure when the outside temperature is below 40 degrees. However, there are many environmental conditions that can change this projection. Temperature change, which includes a variety of roof and wall glazing options, direction to the sun, shading by trees, and others. An enclosure helps to maintain the water temperature from rain and cool nights. 

8. How large can your enclosures retract?

Roll-A-Cover enclosures can retract about 36′ wide and 100′ long. A hot tub enclosure can open to around 10′ by 10′. Our products are trackless, so if you need a greater span please ask us. We are custom fabricators so we may have an option that fits your design needs and the  proper engineering to support all of our products. Our multi-tier enclosures, which utilizes several different design configurations with a sub-structure made of steel, can accommodate even greater square footage spaces and more opening capabilities. 

9. Are there different heights?

Yes, our standard heights are 2′, 4′, and 8′. The enclosures can be taller based on the design requirements of your site. We have built retractable enclosures with heights greater than 15′ high.

10. I don’t have a rectangular pool and there is a waterfall at one end. Can you put your enclosure on our pool?

Everything is possible. That’s for the designer and you to work on. We are capable of customization with our systems, but there are limitations to the systems design capabilities as well.

11. Does your system have different colors with respect to the aluminum?

Yes, our stock colors are clear anodized and bronze anodized. There is an additional charge for sandtone and white. Hundreds of custom colors are available at an additional charge.

12. How long have you been in business?

We have over 35 years of experience in the sloped glazing industry. Roll-A-Cover products were introduced in 2000. Forbes Magazine, the Aluminum Extruders Council (Grand Prize Winner), and dozens of major publications have recognized our products as the most quality driven retractable enclosures in the market. Please review our Testimonials page on our web site for awards and endorsements we have received.

13. Our site for the enclosure to roll on is fairly level, is that good enough?

It’s important to have the site level and smooth so the system doesn’t have to flex or roll over huge gaps in your block pavers or bluestone. For a lean-to enclosure, the back wall needs to be straight, plumb, square to the front rolling ground surface, parallel, and smooth. Modeling your site after the detailed plans that we supply is critical to the systems operation.

14. Is the Roll-A-Cover enclosure taxable as property tax?

It’s up to your local town. We consider our products portable in design but each town may be different. It doesn’t have a fixed perimeter, therefore it should be considered portable.

15. How easy is it to roll?

Very! 2 people can push or pull the system and in seconds our free standing enclosure is open or closed. If it’s a bigger system, it may take a couple of minutes to move each section separately until the entire system is opened or closed. The retractable lean-to models often require just one person to open and close it. It depends on the depth and rear wall height. As a design note, the wider the bays, the better it rolls. One of the reasons we developed a 7’ wide bay is because it is easier to open rather than with a narrower bay.

16. I have viewed several other companies on the internet that market similar concepts and product features. What sets Roll-A-Cover apart?

A)  Decades of design, installation, construction and manufacturing experience with years in the pool, hot tub, and swim spa industry. The owner, Michael P. Morris, owned 2 hot tub retail stores in the early 80’s and has been a pool installer as well as a custom builder. His experience in the aluminum fabrication sloped glazing industry is his greatest accomplishment.

B) Engineering capabilities including a trackless enclosure design that no one in the industry matches.

C)  Our aluminum rafters overlap each other to a 1/8” with a hidden gasket for added protection, therefore, we don’t use large 3-5” gaskets between our bays.

E) Roll-A-Cover products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. The majority of companies in our field import their enclosures from overseas and have severe limitations on their design and customization abilities.

F) We use a powder coated paint process for ease of cleaning and longevity from fading and chalking versus the industry standard baked on paint. We also offer anodized aluminum in a dark bronze and clear color which is a dipped process that has a matte finish.


G) Built in condensation gutters, which is truly a design marvel versus a non-protective rafter. You will always have condensation dripping down from a high moisture interior space, but our condensation gutters do offer a significant amount of dripping protection.

H) ¼” glazing on the walls and a 10mm roof system for greater strength and longevity with many optional upgrades available for roof and wall glazing thicknesses.

I) We use polycarbonate (non-acrylic) products in our glazing process instead of acrylic that cracks under weather changes, which can cause yellowing of the enclosure within a few years. Also, 1” thick polycarbonate is considered bulletproof glazing.

J) Our sales, design, and manufacturing departments have over 35 years of experience. 

K) We provide 5″ polypropylene nylon clear wheels with stainless steel self-lubrication brass housing for ease of roll and long term, maintenance free use. We do NOT use any ball bearing products on our sill wheels.

L) We always recommend acquiring a building permit. We are a manufacturer with installation support, but we are not familiar with all local requirements. With our standard enclosures, we supply an engineering plan stamped for your permit process, but site specific requirements may be an added requirement. We can always guide you through the process, so please ask us for assistance anytime.

17. Can I install the Roll-A-Cover products myself?

Roll-A-Cover manufactures many different products with various shapes, special details and accessories. Since we are the manufacturer, we work hard to produce an end product that is as user friendly to install as possible. However, we are always concerned that the customer may not have the right tools to reassemble (i.e. skills, manpower and/or equipment.) We feel it’s a very easy process with the proper logistical preparation in place, however, there are pros and cons when the customer is the installer. A negative to the self-install option is that the WARRANTY (which is on our technical page on our web site for your full review) defines explicitly that any self-install will NULL-IN-VOID the labor warranty of ONE YEAR that we offer with our full installation option. We do not want to promote or suggest that you choose the self-install option, but if your choice is to do the self-install then be aware that you will not have a labor warranty. 

18. What is the real benefit of a Roll-A-Cover enclosure versus a permanently fixed structure?

When the weather is beautiful, you can enjoy the outdoors. When the weather becomes inclement you can simply close your enclosure and enjoy your swimming or dining area. There is also minimal maintenance except for hosing off the exterior panels when there is dirt on the system. With our powder coated paint process, the sheen of the aluminum protects the system and allows for ease of cleaning. You should wipe down your rafters on the outside twice a year and the inside at least once a year. The benefits of a Roll-A-Cover retractable enclosure for your project are endless, whether you are a homeowner looking to enclosure your pool or a business owner looking to generate year-round revenue.

19. Why not have tracks on the enclosures?

We can offer a track system, but if you site is level and smooth you will appreciate a trackless enclosure. A track collects dirt and debris from the pool and weathering elements, thus, it gets grimy and algae can build up in the tracks. Aesthetically, it is not pleasing since the area around the enclosure will have tracks. You will have an unpleasant obtrusion sitting on your concrete surface when your kids are playing outside, which is not safe. In addition, it will also reduce your true flat area surface for chairs and tables because of the rise on the sides of the pool.

20. I adore my backyard and the beautiful impression that it has with the great flowerbeds and trees. Will I lose this view?

Our enclosures are not unattractive like most pool enclosures that use aggressive looking aluminum or steel. They are designed with you in mind. Our enclosures are aesthetically pleasing and give your backyard appeal that your neighbors will envy. The hardware and screws are not visible. Our clean looking details are truly the pride of our product design. Rounded and bull nosed components with an overlapping of aluminum and a built in hidden gasket gives you the added protection from the bugs and leaves around your yard.

glass patio enclosuresCommercial Projects FAQ:

1. How does a Roll-A-Cover retractable enclosure differ from a retractable awning?

A retractable awning is a cloth or vinyl cover that does not provide adequate protection during inclement weather. Most importantly, you will not be able to utilize your outdoor dining area year-round with a retractable awning. However, our retractable enclosures can simply be closed if there is inclement weather. As a result, your customer’s will not have to venture inside your restaurant since they will quickly be in an enclosed structure.

2. How does a Roll-A-Cover enclosure compete against a fully enclosed glass enclosure?

There are many reasons why our products are a superior choice for your business to generate year-round revenue. We are the only product that lets you control your business when the weather becomes inclement. Our enclosures can transform your space from a fully closed room to an open room in minutes, which will provide an unobstructed view of the skyline so your customers can enjoy dining outdoors on a pleasant day. With a Roll-A-Cover, air-conditioning is always enjoyed and can be designed within your system. In most applications, you will  be able to simply rolling your enclosure open to exhausts the heat buildup as well which is a great advantage of owning a Roll-A-Cover versus a fixed traditional enclosure which are known as heat tunnels for your patrons and as a homeowner as well.

3. Does the glass in Roll-A-Cover enclosures have seal failure issues like the permanent enclosures on the market?

Our glazing combination of twin wall polycarbonate and tempered glass assures that our glazing will never fog up and requires only minor washing from time to time.

4. Why would our outdoor dining patio benefit from a Roll-A-Cover enclosure?

Firstly, most people would prefer to sit and dine outside if possible. With our unique retractable enclosures, you can now provide that experience whenever the weather permits! Also, you will be able to generate revenue year-round since the enclosure can quickly be closed, turning your outdoor patio into an indoor dining experience when the weather becomes inclement. Most of our restaurant projects have a 1-2 year return on investment. Please contact one of our designers and they will be happy to work with you and provide all the pertinent ROI calculations for your location. With our pre-designed return on investment calculators, your business can easily be evaluated with regards to your dollars invested and when you could expect a return.

5. Why does Roll-A-Cover state that they are waived from most state smoking laws?

Most smoking ban laws state that a room must open at least 50% to the sky in order to qualify as a smoking area. That is exactly what our room will do provided the weather cooperates.

6. Why would a Roll-A-Cover enclosure change my restaurant or bar business?

If given the choice, many people prefer to dine outdoors. Your sales volume has to do with your business style and clientele; but Roll-A-Cover can help keep your customers at your restaurant when the weather turns for the worst. With a Roll-A-Cover retractable enclosure, you will be able to guarantee dining and special events year-round, allowing you to book private parties and events, without concern for the weather. Not to mention the wow factor that our enclosures provide!

7. How does a Roll-A-Cover retractable enclosure compare to the other types of enclosure products on the market?

Our enclosures are retractable, which allows you to open or close the room with ease as you or your guests please. Our product is extremely durable and will provide you with unprecedented protection and security from all types of weather conditions.

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