How much does a Roll-A-Cover retractable pool enclosure cost?

How much does a Roll-A-Cover retractable pool enclosure cost?

A Roll-A-Cover retractable pool enclosure cost is approximately $150-$180 a square foot. Every enclosure is built to the site, therefore there are many factors that go into the quoting process. Below we will discuss how the factors influence the cost.

Roll-A-Cover’s Retractable Pool Enclosures: glass pool enclosures

Roll-A-Cover’s trackless retractable pool enclosures are structural rooms for your pool manufactured with 10mm polycarbonate on the roof, 1/4″ clear tempered glass on the walls, & heavy duty aluminum rafters. The enclosures meet snow and wind loads throughout North America. Roll-A-Cover works with an engineer to certify the drawings for approval. Why use your pool only during the summer months when you can use it year-round!

Factors That Influence the Pool Enclosure Cost:

Size: Homeowners like to include additional space around the pool for seating when determining the size enclosure desired. 

Design: Lean-To Enclosures and Lean-To Skylights are the appropriate design when the enclosure will be attaching to an existing structure, such as the back of your house. Free Standing Enclosures and Free Standing Skylights are for pools that aren’t close to your house.

Glazing: Roll-A-Cover uses 10mm poly carbonate roof and 1/4″ tempered clear glass walls as standard glazing. There are options to add additional insulation if you are located in a colder climate. Roll-A-Cover offers additional roof tint options as well. 

Height: The standard height is 7′ nominal but is changeable.

Windows & Doors: Windows are added for additional ventilation when the room must be closed. Doors allow for easy access in a closed room.

Aluminum Frame Color: The standard colors are bronze and clear anodized. Custom colors are available. 

Motors: Motor systems are necessary when the skylight isn’t easily accessible. The retractable enclosures open and close easily because of Roll-A-Cover’s design components and bay widths. 

Site Work: Site work may be necessary to make the area around the pool level and smooth before Roll-A-Cover can install the enclosure. 

Labor & Shipping: Roll-A-Cover offers full installation and assisted installation options. If you are handy or have a construction crew it is easy to install yourself.

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