Product Assembly

All Roll-A-Cover enclosures and products are fabricated and manufactured in our Connecticut facility by our tenured skilled craftsmen. All products are made from extruded alluminum finished with either a powder coating or anodized finish. All glazing (glass with various tints) are tempered and the roofing material is a standard 10mm poly carbonate (various tints) with all stainless steel hardware.

Every product component has been designed by our engineering department utilizing our CAD system (computer aided design). Each custom enclosure is then manufactured, cut, milled, and drilled with various computerized equipment to allow for error free precisness. Our quality control department utilizes a checklist for all products and parts to ensure consistency and accuracy of all installations.
All Roll-A-Cover products are glazed and sealed in a clean manufacturing facility that allows for a proper sealent process.

One unique advantage Roll-A-Cover has is that our manufacturing resources also install the systems they build at the customer site. Each customer’s enclosure is assembled in our Connecticut manufacturing plant prior to shipping and then disassembled for customer shipping and installation. This allows for ensuring the enclosure was manufactured to specifications and provides for ease of installation.

Double Miter Saw – Precision cutting saw that cuts roof, eave, wall panels, and rafters

Waterjet – Computerized waterjet that cuts aluminum and steel up to 6″ thick

Wall Skill Saw – Cuts oversized poly carbonate and aluminum

CNC / Milling Machine – Computer aided volume rafter drilling

Commercial Bending – Custom bends stainless and aluminum products and pans

Preparing Product for Quality Assurance – Each enclosure is built on tarmac prior to shipping

Click HERE to download our Quality Assurance Checklist