5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs a Retractable Roof

  1. Maximize Revenue:
    – Retractable roofs allow restaurants to use their patio space year-round
    – There is no such thing as “weather permitting” when your restaurant has a retractable roof
    – It increases capacity by expanding your year-round usable space to include the patio area
    – Patrons flock to inviting outdoor dining areas

    retractable roof for restaurant

  2. Environmental Advantages:
    – An open roof reduces greenhouse gas emissions when you turn off lights and electric air
    – It allows you to save a significant amount of money on your electric bill, even when the roof is closed if the sun is shining
    – Requires your restaurant to rely on natural air to ventilate, which is better for the environment as well as for your monthly costs
  3. COVID Safety/Health:
    – Natural air reduces the spread of airborne viruses, including COVID-19
    – It increases the usable space in your restaurant, allowing you to distance tables to meet safety regulations and to ensure the health and safety of your customers 
    – Natural light and fresh air are beneficial to patrons both physically and mentally
    retractable roof for restaurant
  4. Weather:
    – Restaurants never have to worry about the weather closing your outdoor space again
    – It provides you with the ability to book special events and reservations without having to cancel if the weather doesn’t permit sitting outside
    – It guarantees additional seating year-round

  5. WOW Factor:
    – Patrons love dining outside and prefer an outdoor ambiance to an indoor one
    – When the room/roof is closed, there is still an outdoor ambiance
    – Patrons want to sit outside now more than ever

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