Benefits of a Glass Pool Enclosure for Your Swimming Pool

Benefits of a Glass Pool Enclosure for Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are a worthwhile investment for both residential and commercial properties, but without a glass pool enclosure, they can only be used when the weather permits. Roll-A-Cover’s glass pool enclosures ensure the ability to use your swimming pool year-round, rain or shine, winter or summer. Why only use your pool 3-4 months out of the year when you can use it 365-days-a-year with a Roll-A-Cover pool enclosure?

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Pool Enclosures for Commercial and Residential Pools:

Investing in a Roll-A-Cover glass pool enclosure has many benefits. Firstly, these motorized and/or manual enclosures open and close in moments. When the weather becomes inclement, the enclosure closes and you can continue using your pool while experiencing an outdoor ambiance. Secondly, Roll-A-Cover’s pool enclosures can withstand heavy snow, rain, ice and wind loads and protect your pool from outdoor debris. Additionally, the glass pool enclosure retains heat from the sun and naturally warms your swimming pool in the colder months. In the winter, the heat from the pool will heat the room, therefore, when you get out of the pool, you will never have to deal with the cold! Pool enclosures also add value to your home. glass pool enclosures

Commercial properties such as hotels, community centers, health centers, etc., can largely benefit from having a year-round pool. This is a large selling point for guests and will add a WOW factor to your business! For both residential and commercial properties, when the weather permits and the warm sun is shining, open your enclosure to enjoy an outdoor pool!

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many community pools are closed or are not safe enough to use. It is important to invest now in turning your residential backyard swimming pool into a year-round swimming pool so you can use your pool during the winter months while you are home and unable to use an indoor community pool. Create a year-round backyard oasis that you and your family can cherish!

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Roll-A-Cover’s year-round pool enclosures are trackless, which means you will not have to worry about tripping over tracks. This also means that debris will not collect in any tracks. Maximize the benefits of owning an outdoor pool by installing a Roll-A-Cover retractable glass pool enclosure!
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