Benefits of Residential Retractable Structures

Benefits of Adding a Retractable Structure to Your Residential Space

Are you looking to use your outdoor pool, hot tub and/or patio 365-days-a-year? Roll-A-Cover’s retractable structures allow you to do that!  Outdoor pools, hot tubs and patios can only be used when the weather permits or 3-4 months out of the year. There are many retractable pool structure benefits. Below is a list of some of the key benefits of installing a retractable enclosure.

Retractable Pool Structure Benefits:

  1. Year-Round Pool, Hot Tub & Patio Experience

    – Retractable enclosures allow you to use your pool, hot tub or patio year-round.
    – There is no such thing as “weather permitting” when your outdoor pool, hot tub or patio has a retractable structure.
    – Retractable enclosures maximize the health benefits of swimming.
    – They also create a family friendly year-round environment. retractable pool enclosure

  2. Energy Efficient

    -Retractable glass enclosures allow you to rely on natural light as opposed to artificial light if your patio space has a conventional fixed roof. 
    – This allows you to save on electric bills and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
    – Lastly, the enclosures retain heat from the sun, which naturally heats up your swimming pool during the colder months and also heats up your patio space.

  3. Protects from Dirt & Debris

    – When closed, retractable structures protect pools and patios from dirt and debris that can enter your outdoor space when the weather is inclement.
    – The trackless design of Roll-A-Cover’s retractable enclosures ensures that dirt and debris cannot be collected on the tracks, which allows for a very clean area. hot tub and patio enclosures

  4. Maximizes Benefits of Owning an Outdoor Pool or Hot Tub

    Why own an outdoor pool and/or hot tub if you cannot use it year-round? Ensure a return on your investment by investing in a retractable enclosure. 

  5. Increases the Value of Your Home

    – Retractable glass enclosures are aesthetically pleasing and add a WOW factor to your home.
    – This, coupled with the structural integrity of the enclosure, increases the value of your home.

  6. Ease of Installation / Maintenance

    – Bays are pre-manufactured in the factory and knocked down in sections for shipment for ease installation.
    – Therefore, this allows for reduced maintenance costs with aluminum rafters.
    – There is no maintenance necessary besides standard cleaning.
    – Aluminum extrusions are highly structural and lightweight compared to steel and also last for decades.

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