Benefits of Your Restaurant or Rooftop Bar Having a Retractable Roof in the Summer

Summer’s here and it’s time for restaurants and rooftop bars to open their Roll-A-Cover retractable roofs! One of the highlights of summertime is the ability to enjoy al fresco dining. Diners flock to outdoor patio spaces to enjoy the warm summer air. Additionally, it rains frequently in the summer, but Roll-A-Cover has these restaurants covered! In the event of a sudden rainstorm, restaurants and rooftop bars with retractable roofs can close their roofs with the push of a button or manually with ease. Below are 5 benefits of having a retractable roof in the Summer. starchild retractable roof

    1. Diners Gravitate towards Outdoor Patio Spaces
      On a beautiful day, when the host/hostess asks you if you’d like to sit inside or outside, you more often than not request to sit outside. Adding a retractable roof or a retractable skylight to your restaurant allows you to convert your indoor space to an outdoor one. This provides a WOW factor for your restaurant.

    2. You Won’t Have to Close Your Patio During a Summertime Rain Storm
      Summertime rain storms can force you to close your patio space that would otherwise be open. Why worry about that when you can just close your retractable roof? The roof will protect your patio from the elements. It can withstand serious weather conditions.

    3. You will Guarantee Revenue Generation Regardless of the Weather
      When the weather turns, you can simply close your retractable roof and, therefore, diners can still dine on the patio space. This ensures constant revenue generation and a return on your investment. Additionally, having a usable outdoor space creates more seating in your restaurant. il culaccino chicago retractable patio enclosure

    4. You’ll Have an Unparalleled Atmosphere
      Retractable roofs create a WOW factor for restaurants and rooftop bars. Set yourself apart from your competition! Glass retractable enclosures allow for impeccable outdoor views and an outdoor ambiance, regardless of the weather. As the staff of Sandbar Rooftop in NYC stated, “For some venues, rooftop season is only during the summer, but for this rooftop, rooftop season is all year long – thanks to a gorgeous retractable roof!”

    5. You Can Host Events in the Summer Without Concern for the Weather
      Summertime is a popular time for weddings, parties, etc. People will be inclined to book your space if they know that they don’t have to worry about canceling or changing locations if the weather becomes inclement. This perk will encourage people to hold events at your location. 

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