BizBash Featured Roll-A-Cover Chicago Restaurant Enclosure in Article

Recently, BizBash featured Beatnik West Town, a Roll-A-Cover Chicago restaurant enclosure, in their article “15 Outdoor Event Venues That Can Safely Host Events This Fall.” This article, written by Claire Hoffman, showcases 15 outdoor venues and patios across the country who are safely staying open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dining outdoors is safer than dining indoors due to the increase in ventilation. Therefore, Beatnik in West Town Chicago is a great place to dine and host events at due to the fact that its roof is retractable.

beatnik chicago retractable roof

This particular Roll-A-Cover Chicago restaurant enclosure is a motorized glass roof system. With just the push of a button, the large retractable skylight opens and closes. When the weather permits, the roof opens and turns the large indoor restaurant into an outdoor one. This allows for safer dining during the pandemic. Additionally, this attracts diners, which can be difficult to do during this pandemic. Having a retractable roof sets Beatnik apart from others in Chicago that solely offer indoor dining. 

Beatnik is only able to safely book and host events because its roof retracts open. Antiques separate the tables and ensure safe distancing, as well. According to the article, “At full capacity, the courtyard holds 80 for receptions, while an indoor ballroom seats 110 or holds 135 for receptions.” Additionally, in the winter months or when the weather is inclement, the retractable roof closes and diners can dine inside with views of the sky. chicago restaurant enclosure

Roll-A-Cover can replace your existing roof with a glass retractable roof that will allow  you to turn your indoor patio into an outdoor patio, like the Beatnik West Town roof in Chicago. Therefore, you can remain open during the pandemic. Contact or call  (203) 393-7292 today for a design and a quote!

“The space features a retractable roof, fully opening facade windows, and a large botanical garden.”

chicago restaurant enclosure

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