‘Roll-A-Cover Uncovered’: Cathédrale at Moxy East Village, New York, NY

New York, NY- This week’s “Roll-A-Cover Uncovered” is the Cathédrale retractable roof, a restaurant at the Moxy Hotel in East Village, NYC. This stunning restaurant serves French-Mediterranean food in an unparalleled environment. The outdoor patio features a Roll-A-Cover retractable glass roof that allows diners to dine on the patio year-round. When the weather becomes inclement, the motorized roof closes in moments with just the push of a button. Even when the roof is closed the patio still has an outdoor ambiance. 

cathedrale nyc retractable roof

Dining during the pandemic has become difficult, especially in New York City. Fortunately, the outdoor area at Cathédrale is open and operating. The Cathédrale retractable roof was able to provide diners with a safe, open roof environment. It will be able to operate throughout the winter, too, due to its retractable skylight. The restaurant will never lose revenue on its outdoor patio due to weather or the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to its Roll-A-Cover retractable roof.

An article on hospitalitydesign.com, featured an interview with Rockwell Group partner Greg Keffer, who was part of the restaurant’s design team. “The main dining room is intimate, but there’s also a sense of grandeur to it. The patio is just as inviting with layers of greenery and a retractable roof.”

NYC Retractable Roof cathedrale restaurant

This particular roof is Roll-A-Cover’s Suncover retractable roof. The individual polycarbonate panels retract backwards. If you are looking to add a WOW factor to your outdoor restaurant patio or to add functionality to your space, contact Roll-A-Cover today at sales@rollacover.com or (203) 393-7292.

cathedrale restaurant retractable skylight nyc

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