Roll-A-Cover’s Retractable Roofs Featured on Block Club Chicago

Chicago, IL –  Block Club Chicago released an article, “Chicago Restaurants Creating Sprawling, All-Season Patios In Effort To Survive Coronavirus Pandemic,” by Alexandra Chaidez. Moreover, “by installing features like retractable roofs and large windows, restaurants are creating more useable space for customers dining out.” 

The article features several Chicago restaurants with Roll-A-Cover retractable glass roofs designed by Viewpoint Enclosures. Firstly, Chaidez discusses how Il Culaccino converted its patio into one with a retractable roof. The owner, Frank Ruffolo, said this seating area has become the restaurant’s main source of revenue during the pandemic. “I’m very happy that we have the private event space and that we were able to turn this … into our year-round patio, because it’s really the only way you could adapt right now,” Ruffolo said.

chicago restaurant retractable roofs

Viewpoint Systems, the Roll-A-Cover dealer in Chicago, has been helping restaurants maximize business by redesigning their outdoor patio space. Greg Flynn of Veiwpoint said, “We’re trying to capitalize on the market there to give restaurants and hospitality groups a full-year-round use operation. This is seemingly more critical during the pandemic.”

The article also features the new Roll-A-Cover retractable glass roof at Roots Handmade Pizza in South Loop. According to the article, Scott Weiner, owner of Roots Pizza in Printers Row, said customers feel more comfortable dining in outdoor patios and the business has been able to stay open and make money. The retractable roof allows the large restaurant to turn into an outdoor restaurant and stay open during the pandemic. They are also prepared for the colder months and will be able to close their motorized glass skylight. Additionally, they will continue to generate revenue. 

chicago restaurant retractable roof

It’s Safer Being Outside

“Officials have repeatedly said being outside — with fresh, flowing air — is safer than being inside with recirculated air as it lessens the spread of coronavirus.” The article continued, “A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found the air-conditioning in a restaurant in Guangzhou, China, was responsible for spreading the virus to 10 customers.” The ability to turn your indoor space into an outdoor space increases diners safety and the ability to remain open.

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