Cinder Bar Retractable Enclosure Opening Soon!

Williamstown, NJ- Roll-A-Cover recently installed a retractable enclosure at Cinder Bar in Williamstown, New Jersey. This second Cinder Bar location is opening soon. Cinder Bar is a popular contemporary restaurant with great craft beers and excellent food. This Williamstown location features a large outdoor patio space. The patio space will be a year-round patio space thanks to its Roll-A-Cover retractable glass enclosure! Diners can dine in an outdoor ambiance even when the weather turns. When the weather is inclement, the lean-to, 14 bay retractable roof simply closes, allowing for continued use of the space. Cinder Bar can guarantee revenue on the patio year-round, rain or shine! If you are in the area, check out the Cinder Bar retractable enclosure in Williamstown, which is opening soon!

cinder bar retractable enclosure


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