Company Benefits

What sets Roll-A-Cover apart from the rest of the industry?

• The owner, Michael P. Morris, has over 35 years of sloped glazing, sunroom fabrication, design, and installation experience.

• Roll-A-Cover has been in business since 2000 & has over 1200 enclosures installed globally. 

• All fabrication & manufacturing is done in the United States.

•Tenured manufacturing & installation staff.

• Installed by staff that manufactures product.

• Roll-A-Cover products have a 10 year warranty.

• Provides temperature control of the interior and exterior space.

• Built with Roll-A-Cover exclusive wall panels that are 1” thermally insulated or ¼” tempered versus traditional acrylic or lexan that scratches.

• Utilizes stainless steel fasteners, tempered glazing, and aluminum extrustions with polycarbonate roof glazing.

• Designs enclosures to meet high wind load capacities, such as the project in Gulf Shores, Alabama, which demanded a 144 mile an hour wind stamp. Enclosures meet extensive snow load requirements, such as the enclosure project in Newfoundland, which had a 70lb requirement.

• Customers have a choice between five stock colors and custom colors available for your aluminum framework.

• Roll-A-Cover’s optional powder-coated paint process is no additional charge to the customer versus the industry standard baked on paint that chalks and checks after a few years. This powder-coated paint will provide easy maintenance and visual appeal to your enclosure investment for decades.

• Many commercial customers have received a return on their investment in less than a year.

• Custom bend the pre-designed aluminum flat sheets up to ¼” thick. Custom bends own pan and head flashing details which allows Roll-A-Cover to be more precise and efficient versus sub-contracting these parts to outside vendors.

• Has a team of engineers and designers on staff that can work with your design team in CAD, which is a benefit to all, mainly during the design phase.