Benchmark, Chicago, IL

“Lots of room, and if you’re lucky to get a spot on the second floor with retractable roof, nothing’s better.”

 “I liked that they had the retractable roof. Some bars get stuffy and hot and this allowed air flow.”

“The retractable roof is awesome and great for weekend brunch.” 

“The upstairs has a retractable roof for the warmer months that provides a nice outside dining/drinking experience.”

“They have a retractable roof which is sweet!” 

“There are two levels and the upstairs features a retractable roof that’s open in the summertime, which makes this a nice little place for alfresco drinks. Even in the wintertime, it’s nice to have the view and light coming in from the glass roof.”

“The best thing about this place is the retractable roof that they open up during the summer.”

“That retractable roof, though…”

“I still like the overall stylishness of the place and I’m a big fan of the retractable roof!  You can get the summer breeze from anywhere in the bar.”

“They even have a really cool retractable roof upstairs.” 

“We started out our evening up on the roof. Love the retractable roof which should make the space usable in the cooler months- but for now feels like they have just peeled the roof off of the building. Great idea!” 

– Reviews from Yelp



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