La Fiesta Restaurant, Chicago, IL

“In year one, we saw a 30% spike in sales for three months and then a steady 15% increase for the remaining year. Definitely a good ROI and will pay for itself in approximately another year. Any bar/restaurant/hospitality owner that currently has a seasonal patio or beer garden will be thrilled with the steady business, lack of scheduling problems and additional seating in winter.” 

“I’m adding another retractable skylight at my other restaurant, Wonderburger, because I love the product. My lean-to enclosure at La Fiesta has worked out tremendously well. It added party space and solved all bad weather scheduling issues. I’ve had no serious issues with the enclosure and look forward to the new retractable skylight enhancing my burger bar project.” 

 – Mike Grant, Owner, La Fiesta Restaurant & Wonderburger

La Fiesta Press Release



Completed Pictures:

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