Rachel's Waterside Grill, Freeport, NY

Roll-A-Cover, what can I say? Game changer for us! We opened  a waterfront restaurant, Rachel’s Waterside Grill, on Freeport’s Famous Nautical Mile in 1996. We have 80 seats inside and 50 on our outside deck. We met Mike Morris, the charismatic owner of Roll-A-Cover, at the New York City Restaurant Show. He told us how his product could help change our summer deck into a year-round dining room. We added a fireplace to the outside wall of our restaurant, which is now the interior wall of our wintertime catering room, and we were were ready!

Then Superstorm Sandy hit us. Our restaurant was flooded and destroyed by 3 ft of seawater. The Roll-A-Cover must have looked like a fishbowl, but the most amazing thing happened, the Roll-A-Cover enclosure survived unscathed. A true testament to its quality and workmanship. The following winter with a brand new restaurant we finally hosted our 1st catering party in our outside room.

We got our return on investment in booked parties alone within a year (once we reopened), never mind the countless saves from quick thundershowers or nights that got cool after the sunset. 

My recommendation to you, if you’re even thinking about a Roll-A-Cover enclosure. Do it!! – Ivan Sayles, President 25 Sails Hospitality



Completed Pictures:

Installation Pictures: