Retractable Patio Sunroom, Private Residence, San Francisco, CA

“Thank you again for the retractable patio sunroom. I finally finished it and we have enjoyed the room everyday since. We have entertained and the room has performed better than expected. Pacifica is by the coast and Pacific Ocean. It can get pretty chilly when the fog comes in. All we do is close the room and continue. No more huddling around the fire pit or wearing jackets. When it is warm we open the room and enjoy the sights and sounds of the backyard. We can hear the ocean roaring while having dinner. We cannot wait to host Christmas party (my wife is excited- she has a new room to decorate). Please thank everyone in the company for the fine American craftsmanship they showed in making the retractable patio sunroom.”

A very satisfied customer,
Rodney Clark


retractable patio enclosure


Completed Pictures: