Retractable Roofing Systems - The Suncover

What are Retractable Roofing Systems – The Suncover?

A Suncover is a retractable glass roof system that can be used for both commercial and residential spaces. The roof system retracts back and can be motorized or individually cranked. The roof closes in moments when the weather turns poor. Diners can still experience the outdoors! 

Roll-A-Cover’s custom retractable glass roof system can be used for commercial spaces and residential spaces. It also offers several configuration options to let you customize the system for your particular application.

Commercial spaces: rooftop bars, rooftop restaurants, restaurant patios, hotel pools and restaurants, etc. 

Residential spaces: pools, hot tubs, patios, walkways

Suncover Options

Double Hung Windows 
Independently Opening Double Hung Windows retract down to form a railing.

retractable double hung windows

Sliding Windows 
Independently Opening Sliding Windows slide to the side as desired.

retractable sliding windows



Sliding Doors 
Independently Opening Sliding Doors roll to the side when desired.

sliding doors

Independently Opening Roof 
Open as many sections as you like to create the perfect feel for your application.

retractable roof