Hotel Chantelle, New York City

“…And the retractable rooftop means that you get natural lighting and an “outdoor” feel, which is something you don’t get year-round in New York.”

“…And what’s more fantastic is that the rooftop is retractable and climate controlled. Since it is the Winter, they had the glass rooftop closed, and the room was nice and warm.”

“I learned that they open the rooftop during the warm summer months-so cool.”

“As a brunch venue, wow! Sitting on that covered, heated rooftop on a cold day, it was hard to believe the weather was so crappy.”

“Upon leaving, the skies decided to open up and down pour, but the staff did not miss a beat, they quickly pulled over the retractable roof, protecting everyone’s precious brunch cocktails.”

“Ambience: a fully covered rooftop is the best you can get on a cold Saturday in New York City!”

-Reviews from Yelp



Completed Pictures:

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