Skye Bar @ Galaxy 66 Bar and Grille, Ocean City, MD

“The finished product looks amazing! We will never lose patrons due to the weather again!”
– Tammy Patrick-Cebula, Owner of Galaxy 66 and
Board Member of the Restaurant Association of Maryland

“Our rooftop was open for years with many complaints from neighbors during the night regarding the loud social noise. After ending up with a lawsuit by a local neighbor looking for us to close our rooftop by 10PM, our resolve was to locate a product that would not only enhance our rooftop environment but still give the outdoor ambiance. When the music gets loud, we simply roll the system closed. Since installing the enclosure we have had no complaints and the suit was dropped. Now we can operate like a normal rooftop bar. What a great concept and great product.” -Roger, Owner



Completed Pictures:

Installation Pictures: