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Benefits of a Retractable Roofing System

When the host of your restaurant asks its diners if they would like to sit inside or outside on a perfect day, they often prefer to sit outside, right? Well, when the weather is inclement, they can’t! Restaurants have less seating when the patio can’t be used. Less seating=less satisfied customers. Roll-A-Cover’s Suncover retractable roofing system has got you covered!

What if your restaurant’s patio has a retractable roof? Want to examples of Suncover projects? Click Here. 

What is a Suncover?

A suncover is a retractable glass roof system that can be used for both commercial and residential spaces. The roof system retracts back and can be motorized or individually cranked. The roof closes in moments when the weather turns poor. Diners can still experience the outdoors! 

Roll-A-Cover’s custom retractable roofing system can be used for commercial spaces and residential spaces.

Commercial spaces: rooftop bars, rooftop restaurants, restaurant patios, hotel pools and restaurants, etc. 

Residential spaces: pools, hot tubs, patios, walkways

Why Every Patio Needs a Retractable Roofing System

Roll-A-Cover retractable glass enclosures are perfect for multi-functional use! Your space can transform into an indoor space in seconds, while painting the outdoor ambiance year-round. That would guarantee year-round revenue generation on the valuable outdoor patio space. the ugly mug motorized roof

Due to the greenhouse effect, a traditional fixed glass room builds up heat when it is sunny out. A Roll-A-Cover Suncover roof system and skylight enclosure does not do this due to its ability to open on command on a warm day. The retractable glass roof system is also aesthetically pleasing. Patrons gravitate towards the enclosed space! 

restaurant glass roofing system



The Suncover retractable glass roof system is the perfect addition to any restaurant. If you are looking to wow your customers with a hi-tech skylight that will draw patrons to your restaurant year-round, Roll-A-Cover’s glass retractable roof and skylight system is exactly what your restaurant needs!


“Installing the roof has allowed me to have the benefits of a rooftop deck during the summer and extra seating during the winter.”
– Gaynor Jablonski, Founder, District Restaurant Group