Maine Retractable Roofs

Maine Retractable Roofs

Benefits of Retractable Roofs in Maine

Maine retractable roofs greatly enhance the patio space and allow for year-round use. Outdoor rooftops and restaurants lose a lot of revenue when the weather is inclement, unless they have a retractable roof enclosure! Hotel pools are also available year-round with a retractable glass roof. Year-round use is a major selling point for travelers! Why would you want to miss out on using your valuable hotel and restaurant rooftop area when you could use it year-round, rain or shine? Residential pools and hot tubs also largely benefit from having a retractable enclosure. Roll-A-Cover’s retractable roofs in Maine have got you covered!

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maine retractable roofs

What is a retractable roof?

A retractable roof in Maine is a glass roof that opens and closes and can be motorized or individually cranked. The custom retractable roof closes in moments when the weather turns poor. Patrons and guests can still experience the outdoors year-round with perfect views of the sky even when the roof is closed! Retractable roofs guarantee revenue generation year-round!

“The dynamics at our restaurant have changed with not just college kids but with professionals. Business has about tripled for us with our Roll-A-Cover retractable roof, which is a huge draw in itself.”
-Manager, Tacoria

maine retractable roofs

Why Every Outdoor Space Needs a Retractable Enclosure

Roll-A-Cover retractable glass roof enclosures are perfect for multi-functional use! Your hotel and/or restaurant’s outdoor space can transform your restaurant, bar or swimming pool area into an indoor space in seconds. It will also paint the outdoor ambiance year-round. Year-round use guarantees year-round revenue generation on the outdoor space. 

Residential pools, hot tubs and patio spaces also benefit from having a retractable enclosure. Homeowners can use their outdoor space year-round with an enclosure and can capitalize on their pool and hot tub investment.

Due to the greenhouse effect, a traditional fixed glass room builds up heat when it is sunny out. A Roll-A-Cover hotel roof enclosure does not do this due to its ability to open on command on a warm day. The retractable roof enclosure is also aesthetically pleasing. Patrons gravitate towards the enclosed space!

The Roll-A-Cover Maine retractable roof is the perfect addition to any space. Roll-A-Cover’s retractable roof is exactly what your space needs if you want to WOW your customers!