Roll-A-Cover is Raising the Roof with a Motorized Skylight at Maison 208

Philadelphia, PA – Sylva Senat, a Bravo Top Chef contestant, found a home for his French-influenced New American cuisine at Maison 208 retractable skylight in Midtown Village. Take yourself upstairs to ‘The Social’, where an extensive cocktail menu is served under a Roll-A-Cover retractable roof. The roof can quickly open & close with the push of a button, so patrons can sit under the sky in both beautiful and inclement weather 208 retractable skylight

After-work socializers or those looking for a lively night scene are flocking to ‘The Social,’ situated atop Maison 208, to gather under the retractable roof, admire the six-story mural down the wall, and indulge in drinks and bar bites, making it the new ‘hot spot’ in Philly. As a Yelp reviewer stated, “The bar under the retractable roof is a great space to get some sun and breeze (and yes, the roof is really as cool as it sounds.” When in ‘The City of Brotherly Love,’ Senat’s Maison 208 is a must visit.

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