Motorized Skylight with Sliding Glass Walls Adds Architecturally Pleasing Design

Motorized Skylight with Sliding Glass Walls Adds Architecurally Pleasing Design

A Roll-A-Cover motorized skylight with sliding glass walls creates a year-round usable outdoor space for commercial and residential applications. These applications are highly architecturally and aesthetically pleasing designs. The enclosed outdoor space can be open or closed in moments, either manually or via motorization. Outdoor spaces have to close in the winter months or when the weather is inclement without these enclosures. Roll-A-Cover’s glass motorized skylight and retractable walls allow you to never have to close your coveted space.

motorized skylights and retractable rolling wallsCommercial spaces, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, pools, rooftops, etc., lose money from patrons when they cannot open their outdoor spaces. Having outdoor spaces that are open year-round is a huge selling point for patrons and tourists. Investing in a motorized skylight and rolling walls allows you to stay open during bad weather. Therefore you will see a return on your investment very quickly. According to Roll-A-Cover customer Agata Firek of Royal Warsaw in New Jersey, “The Roll-A-Cover is the best thing we have done at this restaurant. It gave us greater profit and the customers love the space, which is our key selling point.”

Residential spaces, such as outdoor patios, swimming pools, hot tubs, greenhouses, etc., are usable in inclement weather with a motorized skylight and rolling walls. When the weather turns, simply closes the roof and the walls and enjoy your outdoor space indoors with an outdoor ambiance. The room will retain heat, as well, and protects outdoor spaces from debris.

Invest in a Motorized Skylight and Rolling Walls Today!

You can open the walls and keep the roof closed and vise versa, depending on what you are looking for in the moment! The room can withstand heavy wind, snow, rain and wind loads and is very versatile. Add a WOW factor to your residential or commercial space by contacting Roll-A-Cover today! Call us at (203) 393-7292 or email us at for a design and a quote.


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