Outdoor Patio Sunrooms of Connecticut

Benefits of Outdoor Patio Sunrooms in Connecticut

Roll-A-Cover greatly enhances outdoor spaces with its fixed and retractable outdoor patio sunrooms. When the weather is inclement, homeowners cannot use their outdoor patios, pools, swim spas, hot tubs, etc. Our retractable sunrooms can opened manually or via motorization. Why would you want to miss out on using your valuable outdoor area when you could use it year-round, rain or shine? Roll-A-Cover’s got you covered!

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What are Outdoor Patio Sunrooms?

Sunrooms are glass custom rooms that allow for a year-round outdoor ambiance and protects patio spaces for inclement weather. Homeowners can still experience the outdoors on the patio year-round with perfect views of the sky! 

“We use our pool every day, even when it is very cold outside. I highly recommend Roll-A-Cover and their product. Best money we have ever spent!”

-Residential Pool Sunroom

Why Every Porch Needs a Fixed Roll-A-Cover Sunroom

outdoor patio sunrooms of ConnecticutRoll-A-Cover’s outdoor patio sunrooms in Connecticut are perfect for residential spaces! Your outdoor space can feel like an outdoor space without having to worry about the weather, while painting the outdoor ambiance year-round. 

The Roll-A-Cover outdoor patio sunroom is the perfect addition to any space.Roll-A-Cover’s sunrooms are exactly what your residential space needs for a perfect home remodeling.