Pod Philly Hotel’s Retractable Rooftop Bar ‘El Techo’ is Now Open

Philadelphia, PA- On October 23rd, El Techo, the rooftop bar at the new Pod Philly Hotel in Rittenhouse opened! The gorgeous 11th floor rooftop taqueria and bar is open year-round because of its Roll-A-Cover motorized retractable roof. When the weather becomes inclement, the glass retractable roof closes with the push of a button. As a result, patrons can enjoy the outdoor views of Philly year-round at El Techo!

pod Philly hotel retractable roof el techo

“El Techo has a couple cool things going for it. For example, it’s a rooftop destination in a city without too many real rooftop options. Secondly, it has a retractable glass roof, which means it can stay open year-round. In cold weather they’ll just close the roof but, since it’s glass, keep the sky and skyscraper views,” said Rachel Vigoda of Eater Philadelphia.

Vigoda is not the only one excited about Philly’s new rooftop bar. “There are only a handful of places in Philadelphia where you can sit high above the street enjoying food and drink year-round, so it’s exciting that a new, all-seasons rooftop bar/taqueria is opening in Rittenhouse,” said Sinead Cummings of PhillyVoice. 

the pod hotel retractable roofIf you live in the area or are traveling to Philadelphia, be sure to stop by El Techo at the Pod Philly Hotel for a bite, a drink and a view! 

“No worries about “weather permitting” here. This is a year-round operation. The roof is retractable; see video here.” -Michael Klein, The Philadelphia Inquirer


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