Types and Benefits of Restaurant Patio Enclosures

Types and Benefits of Retractable Structures for Restaurant Patios

Roll-A-Cover’s restaurant patio enclosure designs allow restaurants to utilize their outdoor patio spaces year-round. Firstly, when the weather becomes inclement, the retractable enclosure simply closes. Therefore, diners can still dine in the patio area. When the weather permits, the retractable enclosure opens and turns the patio into an outdoor space. Above all, diners can enjoy the patio with an outdoor ambiance. In conclusion, restaurants never lose revenue on its patio due to weather. benchmark retractable roof closed

There are several key benefits to having a retractable restaurant patio enclosure design. For starters, it creates a unique dining experience for your customers and provides a year-round WOW factor for your restaurant. Therefore, this draws more people to your restaurant and helps maximize revenue without concern for the weather. Additionally, it increases daylighting and promotes energy efficiency. This also helps to protect the environment and cut costs down. Most importantly, retractable enclosures allow for proper air ventilation, especially during a health crisis. So, restaurants are able to remain open when they can open their roofs to the outdoors. In short, diners feel much safer dining in an outdoor restaurant. restaurant rooftop retractable skylight

There are various types of retractable structure designs that can be customized to your restaurant’s needs. Firstly, if you already have an outdoor patio, Roll-A-Cover can install a retractable enclosure that will fit your outdoor space. This will allow you to convert your outdoor space into a year-round indoor/outdoor dining area. Additionally, if your restaurant has no patio but you are looking to create an outdoor area in your restaurant, Roll-A-Cover can replace your existing fixed roof with a retractable roof. In conclusion, all Roll-A-Cover retractable structures operate via motorization or manually by simply rolling it open and closed. 

Roll-A-Cover Restaurant Patio Enclosure Designs:

  • Lean-to Enclosures

    cinder bar restaurant retractable enclosure

  • Free Standing Enclosures

    Norwalk inn restaurant patio enclosure Norwalk inn restaurant patio enclosure

  • Back-to-Back Lean-to Enclosures

    sunny Atlantic retractable enclosuressunny atlantic beach club retractable enclosure

  • Multi-Tier Enclosure Systems

    vetro rooftop patio enclosures vetro rooftop patio enclosures

  • Skylights (Free Standing and Lean-To)

    restaurant patio enclosuressofia englewood retractable roof

  • Rolling Walls

    Alices rolling wallsvetro rooftop patio enclosures

  • Suncover Systems (Roof/Wall Only)

    Buffalo Wild Wings retractable roofBuffalo Wild Wings retractable roof

  • Rooftop Enclosures

    cantina rooftop retractable roofcantina rooftop retractable roof


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