Restaurant Patio Enclosures Manufactured by Roll-A-Cover

Maximize Your Restaurant’s Revenue with a Retractable Patio Enclosure by Roll-A-Cover

  1. Athena, Chicago, IL
    212 S Halsted St #1, Chicago, IL 60661
    This authentic Greek restaurant in Chicago has a beautiful large outdoor patio with a retractable patio enclosure. Patrons can enjoy the outdoor ambiance and the views of the Chicago skyline year-round, even when the enclosure is closed. One Yelp reviewer said, “They have this beautiful patio area with a retractable roof that is amazing in the summer.”

retractable restaurant patio enclosure        retractable restaurant patio enclosure

  1. Zaza Italian Gastrobar, Stamford, CT
    122 Broad St, Stamford, CT 06901
    Zaza is a delicious and very popular Italian restaurant right in downtown Stamford. Diners have the option to eat outside on the outdoor patio. When the weather is inclement, the retractable restaurant patio enclosure closes and diners can still feel like they are outside. This particular retractable patio enclosure is a lean-to system.

restaurant patio enclosure        restaurant patio enclosure

  1. Steak Street, High Point, NC
    3915 Sedgebrook St, High Point, NC 27265
    This exquisite retractable restaurant patio enclosure at Steak Street is the perfect addition to the popular restaurant’s large patio area. This particular retractable patio enclosure is a lean-to enclosure with window mullions that create an architectural embellishment. A Yelp reviewer expressed, “I always choose to sit in the bar/covered patio section.”

steak street retractable room        steak street retractable roof

4. Buffalo Wild Wings, Iselin, NJ
625 US 1 South, Iselin, NJ 08830
This particular Buffalo Wild Wings in the Woodbridge Township has a lean-to retractable patio enclosure in the front of the restaurant. Diners can choose to eat in this patio area year-round, even when the weather is inclement. Samantha, the manager, said, “We now can have larger private parties, which we couldn’t before. The space added about 60 extra seats. Can’t imagine why any restaurant wouldn’t want a Roll-A-Cover! It’s truly beautiful and allows for a family friendly atmosphere.”

buffalo wild wings retractable enclosure        

       5. White Rose Bar & Grill, York, PA
           48 N Beaver St, York, PA 17401
           This popular bistro in York, PA, features a beautiful outdoor patio with a retractable patio enclosure. When the weather is cold, rainy or snowy, the retractable patio enclosure closes and diners can still experience a beautiful outdoor ambiance. When the sun is shining, the enclosure opens!

white rose bar & grill retractable enclosure        restaurant patio enclosure


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