The Roll-A-Cover Retractable Roof at Morgan’s on Fulton in Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL – The mega popular private event space, Morgan’s on Fulton, recently installed a Roll-A-Cover retractable roof on its large rooftop patio space. The Morgan’s on Fulton glass enclosed rooftop was designed and installed by Viewpoint Enclosures and manufactured by Roll-A-Cover. Morgan’s on Fulton decided to maximize the use of their rooftop patio space after the pandemic impacted their revenue. The motorized retractable roof ensures that people can book events on their outdoor rooftop without concern for the weather.

Morgan's on Fulton glass enclosed rooftop

When the weather is inclement, the glass rooftop patio enclosure closes, and guests can still use the rooftop. This is a major WOW factor for the venue because bookers never have to worry about weather impacting their event. It also ensures the venue that they won’t lose revenue from cancellations. When the weather permits, the roof opens. With just the push of a button, the patio turns into an indoor or an outdoor space.  The Morgan’s on Fulton glass enclosed rooftop allows for perfect views of Chicago whether it is open or closed. According to an article in Eater Chicago, “The retractable roof will be attractive to hosts who aim to hold an open-air event but are concerned about unexpected precipitation.” Morgans on Fulton retractable roof

The first level restaurant, Marvin’s Food & Fuel, is serving the public weekend brunch on the rooftop to maximize on the investment in the building. Rain, snow, or shine, Morgan’s on Fulton has everything you need! 

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