Roll-A-Cover Retractable Hotel Enclosures Transform Hotel Patios

Roll-A-Cover’s Retractable Hotel Enclosures Transform Hotel Patios

What is a Retractable Hotel Enclosure?

Retractable hotel enclosures are enclosures that open and close manually or via motorization. The custom retractable roof closes in seconds when the weather becomes inclement. On a beautiful day, the enclosure opens and allows for an outdoor patio spaceretractable hotel enclosures

Benefits of Retractable Hotel Enclosures for Hotel Patios

-Retractable hotel enclosures transform hotel patios and allow for year-round use of the valuable outdoor space

-Whether the retractable enclosure is open or closed, patrons can experience an outdoor ambiance year-round with perfect outdoor views

-Hotel outdoor restaurants and bars do not lose revenue when the weather is inclement

-Outdoor pools can be used when the weather is inclement, which is a large selling point for guests

-Retractable roofs create a WOW factor for the hotel’s patrons

-They also open and close in moments and keep out moisture and drafts

-Retractable enclosures can be fully customizable to fit a hotel’s outdoor space

-When it is warm out, the retractable hotel roof simply opens and lets air in, rather than containing heat if it were a fixed skylight

hotel retractable enclosures

Roll-A-Cover is the leading manufacturer of retractable hotel skylights and retractable hotel enclosures in the United States. Call us or email us today for a quote! We’ve got you covered rain or shine! 
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“Our retractable roof has been a game changer.  Outdoor patio events no longer need to be moved to the “rain option”, keeping our loyal customers happy, rain or shine.  Our team no longer needs to frantically break-down or re-set the tables on the patio as the weather changes throughout the day.  It has saved us a lot time in planning and labor, while keeping our outdoor space activated and lively, and not a wet eyesore.”  
Michael Scandariato, General Manager, J House

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