Roll-A-Cover Retractable Rooftops Featured on Eater NY

New York, NY- Recently, Eater NY published “22 Enticing Rooftop Bars Around NYC” and several rooftops with Roll-A-Cover retractable rooftop enclosures made the list! Check out the list here:

  1. The Heights Bar & Grill
    2867 Broadway
    “On the second level of this Morningside Heights bar sits a quiet rooftop open year-round that can be partially enclosed, which means it’s a fine place to visit if it threatens to rain.”

    the heights bar and grill roof enclosure

  2. The Empire Hotel Rooftop
    44 W 63rd St
    ‘The 8,000-square-foot space has a fireplace, lounge chairs, and sweeping views of Lincoln Center”. Additionally, it has a gorgeous Roll-A-Cover retractable roof, which allows for year-round use of this famous rooftop space.
    empire hotel nyc retractable roof

  3. Cantina Rooftop
    605 W 48th St
    “Indulge in Mexican with a view at this Hell’s Kitchen rooftop, which remains open year-round.” Thanks to its retractable roof!
    cantina retractable roof

  4. Berry Park
    4 Berry St, Brooklyn
    “Communal tables and flowing European beer options scream summer at this Brooklyn beer bar.” The rooftop also screams winter because its retractable glass roof allows it to be open year-round!
    berry park retractable roof
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