‘Roll-A-Cover Uncovered’: Sunny Atlantic Beach Club Retractable Enclosure

Every Wednesday, ‘Roll-A-Cover Uncovered’ spotlights a favorite Roll-A-Cover project.

Atlantic Beach, NY – In honor of the arrival of summer, this week’s “Roll-A-Cover Uncovered” is the retractable enclosure at the stunning Sunny Atlantic Beach Club in Atlantic Beach, NY! This intricate enclosure encloses the Boardwalk Cafe at this popular beach club in Long Island. sunny atlantic beach club retractable enclosure

It is Long Island’s ONLY retractable glass enclosure facing the Atlantic Ocean! How cool is that?! Howard Taub, Owner of Sunny Atlantic Beach Club, stated, “Roll-A-Cover has allowed our beach club to book events year-round and not depend on the weather. This is the only Long Island venue where you can dance the night away on your wedding night while looking at the ocean regardless of the time of year.” That is a huge relief for anyone booking an event here! Taub added, “On any given afternoon, our bar and restaurant is the only facility in Atlantic Beach that can stay open to members even if the weather turns. Members can dine here rain or shine.”  sunny atlantic beach club retractable enclosureWhen it is sunny out, the roof retracts towards the back of the 2,000 square foot deck. When there is inclement weather, the Roll-A-Cover enclosure has its patrons covered! This large retractable enclosure is a back-to-back angled eave lean-to design with rolling walls. 
restaurant sliding glass wallsRoll-A-Cover recently expanded the enclosure because the restaurant needed even more space. If you are in Long Island, you must visit this location and witness the spectacular views!

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