Roll-A-Cover’s Motorized Glass Roof at the Sporting Club, Houston, TX

Houston, TX – The Sporting Club in Houston, Texas, recently opened its doors! This chic new restaurant is an open air concept, thanks to its Roll-A-Cover motorized glass roof. The Sporting Club motorized glass roof was designed and installed by Roll-A-Cover’s dealer, Viewpoint Enclosures. The restaurant on 5102 Washington Avenue is 8,000 square feet and is safe to eat at during the COVID-19 pandemic. the sporting club Houston retractable roof The motorized glass roof allows for proper ventilation, which creates a safe and inviting environment for its diners. According to Eater Houston, the retractable roof is a huge selling point for the Sporting Club. “That’s especially good news for those who are looking to dine out right now, and still have concerns about indoor dining with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to rage on.” the sporting club Houston retractable glass roof

When the weather becomes inclement, The Sporting Club’s motorized glass roof closes with the push of a button and diners can still experience an outdoor ambiance with views of the sky. During the day, having this large skylight allows the restaurant to save costs on electricity and primarily rely on sunlight. This also limits greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the restaurant never loses revenue on its large patio space due to weather anymore. The ability to use the outdoor patio space year-round and the beautiful aesthetic of the glass roof creates a WOW factor for the business. Therefore, the restaurant will draw more customers and also generate positive reviews. If you are looking to enhance your restaurant with a retractable roof contact Roll-A-Cover at or call us at (203) 393-7292! the sporting club retractable roof closed

“In an ingenious move befitting the Houston climate, the space includes a 2,400-square-foot retractable roof that is designed to open and close in 30 seconds.”
– Houstonia

“How many restaurants have you been to with an open retractable roof AND chandeliers?! Well, there’s a first for everything!”
– Review from Yelp



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