Roll-A-Cover’s Recent Residential Retractable Pool Enclosure Installations

Roll-A-Cover’s residential pool enclosure systems have been installed at residences throughout the country. These enclosures allow homeowners to use their outdoor pools year-round. The systems range from skylights to lean-to enclosures to free standing enclosures. When the weather becomes inclement, the retractable roofs close and the homeowners can still swim in their pools. Additionally, the closed enclosures retain heat, thanks to the greenhouse effect. They also protect swimming pools from dirt and debris. On beautiful days, the enclosures open to the outdoors. This also ensures a return on investment for your pool. Maximize use of your valuable swimming pool investment with a Roll-A-Cover residential pool enclosure system.

Below are some of the recent retractable pool enclosure installations.

Residential Retractable Roof
Afton, Minnesota
This motorized retractable roof allows the homeowners to use their outdoor pool even in cold Minnesota winters.

residential retractable roof residential retractable roof

Residential Pool Enclosure
Houston, Texas
“We have had several days of heavy rain, even some medium wind, and the cover is just exquisite. Before the cover, whenever it rained the pool would overflow. It would take several days for it to go back down and all kinds of junk would be in the pool. Even almost three or four continuous days of rain. The outside porch is dry wherever the cover is and the pool hasn’t overflowed at all.  Here in Houston the cover is not only valuable in the summer to keep the heat out and the UV out, but the rest of the year as well. It was such a great investment.”

houston retractable pool enclosure houston retractable pool enclosure

Retractable Pool Enclosure
Liberty, New York
This free standing retractable pool enclosure opens and closes manually with ease. It encloses both the hot tub and the pool. The homeowner says she feels like she’s at a “country club” now!

retractable pool enclosure liberty ny retractable pool enclosure liberty ny

Retractable Skylight and Rolling Walls
Colts Neck, New Jersey
This retractable system includes a motorized skylight and rolling walls, which allows the homeowner to swim 365-days-a-year! What a spot!

retractable skylight and rollings walls retractable skylight and rollings walls

Retractable Pool Enclosure
Amherst, Massachusetts
This lean-to retractable pool enclosure allows the New England homeowners to use their pool no matter the season.

Retractable Pool Enclosure Amherst, MA Retractable Glass Pool Room Amherst, MA

Looking to use your outdoor pool year-round? Contact Roll-A-Cover today for a design and a quote!

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