Roll-A-Cover’s Rolling to the End of the Year with New Installations

Recently, Roll-A-Cover has installed several new Roll-A-Cover roof systems across the country, ranging from fixed to retractable. Each of the restaurant’s listed below will now be able to utilize their outdoor patio spaces year-round. On inclement weather days, guests are protected from the elements and can still enjoy an outdoor ambiance. The retractable systems open and close via motorization or manually with ease to the outdoors. These roof systems allow for year-round revenue generation and provide a WOW factor for guests. Check out some of Roll-A-Cover’s recent installations below! Stay tuned for completed pictures!

The Originals Restaurant & Bar
9436 State Rd, Philadelpha, PA 19114
This retractable patio enclosure opens and closes manually with ease. 

originals philly retractable restaurant enclosure originals philly retractable restaurant enclosure

Penny Williamsburg – Hotel
288 N 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
This retractable roof is a Roll-A-Cover Suncover system. Each individual panel retracts towards the roof via motorization.
penny hotel williamsburg retractable roof

Yellow Springs, OH, Restaurant
This is a fixed roof that covers the future restaurant and comedy club’s patio space.

yellow springs glass enclosure yellow springs glass enclosure

STK Boston
This retractable patio enclosure opens and closes manually with ease.

stk boston retractable enclosure stk boston retractable enclosure

Looking to use your outdoor patio space year-round? Contact Roll-A-Cover today at or at (203) 393-7292 for a design and a quote!


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