‘Roll-A-Cover Uncovered’: La Fiesta, Chicago

Every Wednesday, ‘Roll-A-Cover Uncovered’ spotlights a favorite Roll-A-Cover project. 

Chicago, IL – This week’s “Roll-A-Cover Uncovered” is the La Fiesta retractable roof in Chicago, IL. Members of the Roll-A-Cover staff were in Chicago this week, so Roll-A-Cover felt inspired to spotlight one of its favorite Chi-Town locations! This restaurant features a fantastic outdoor patio, perfect for Summer, and includes a Roll-A-Cover retractable lean-to enclosure. You can sit on this patio year-round, rain or shine! 

la fiesta retractable roofAt 3333 W 111th Street in Chicago, you can eat classic Mexican fare and drink margaritas right in the heart of this American city. Sign me up for some tacos, por favor! Mike Grant, owner of La Fiesta, said, “In year one, we saw a 30% spike in sales for three months and then a steady 15% increase for the remaining year. Definitely a good ROI and the enclosure will pay for itself in approximately another year.” Muy fantastico! Grant added, “Any bar/restaurant/hospitality owner that currently has a seasonal patio or beer garden will be thrilled with the steady business, lack of scheduling problems, and additional seating in the Winter.” This is what the staff at Roll-A-Cover loves to hear from its customers. la fiesta chicago retractable patio enclosure

La Fiesta also has guaranteed year-round patio party packages when you want to have a fiesta. That is a mouth-watering deal!

This particular Roll-A-Cover is a straight eave lean-to enclosure in a sandtone finish to match the restaurant exterior.  A classic Roll-A-Cover enclosed patio design!

Mike Grant also owns Wonderburger in Chicago, which is opening at the end of the year, and will be adding a Roll-A-Cover to this restaurant. “I’m adding the skylight at Wonderburger because I love the product,” Grant expressed. “My lean to enclosure has worked out tremendously well. Added party space and solved all bad weather scheduling issues. I’ve had no issues with the enclosure and look forward to the new skylight enhancing my burger bar project.” la fiesta retractable roofGrant is working on his new Wonderburger project with Viewpoint Enclosures in Chicago, an authorized dealer of Roll-A-Cover, Intl. enclosures. 

Roll-A-Cover looks forward to this project, too, and can’t wait to feature it in “Roll-A-Cover Uncovered” one day! 

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