Bryan Taylor

Bryan Taylor

Bryan is a designer at Roll-A-Cover. He works with the field design team and project engineers using AutoCAD to create the best possible enclosure for each customer’s needs. Bryan graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2010 with a B.S. in Computer Engineering. His focus was in hardware design, which allowed him to create the most efficient end product based on given criteria, a skill needed at Roll-A-Cover. Bryan worked part time at Roll-A-Cover before going to college and was welcomed back after graduation. Prospective jobs are given to Bryan for him to create a quick model of the project to ensure accuracy and to allow the customer to gain a greater understanding of the product. If approved, the next step involves the details required for each job, such as flashing and support. These drawings are presented to the customer for approval and sent to the plant for ordering and manufacturing.Bryan is an essential component of Roll-A-Cover’s operation.

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