The Roll-A-Cover Retractable Roof at Starchild Rooftop at the Civilian Hotel NYC

New York, NY – In 2022, Roll-A-Cover manufactured and installed a retractable roof system at the Civilian Hotel. Now, the hotel’s popular rooftop bar, Starchild Rooftop, can remain open year-round, regardless of the weather. This particular retractable glass roof is a Roll-A-Cover Suncover system, which means that each individual roof panel opens towards the building via motorization. starchild rooftop civilian hotel retractable roofOn inclement weather days, the retractable roof panels close and protect diners from the elements. Guests can still enjoy the exquisite NYC skyline views with a glass enclosed space. When the weather permits, the retractable roof opens. This creates a WOW factor for patrons and ensures year-round revenue generation for the rooftop bar.
In a recent article by Gotham, Sean Christie, CEO of Carver Road Hospitality, said, “Starchild is unique as it has a retractable rooftop that can transform to become a fully open-air or enclosed space so it can be enjoyed year-round.” This sets Starchild Rooftop apart from other rooftop bars in New York City that don’t have a Roll-A-Cover retractable roof. starchild rooftop civilian hotel retractable roof

Why only be able to use your rooftop bar and patio space only when the weather permits when you can 365-days-a-year?! Contact Roll-A-Cover today for a retractable roof design and quote!


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“We were able to enjoy the city views without freezing!” – Review from Yelp

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