‘Roll-A-Cover Uncovered’: Wonderburger Retractable Skylight, Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL – This week’s “Roll-A-Cover Uncovered” is a retractable skylight that is being installed this week at Wonderburger in Chicago, IL! Owner Mike Grant’s Wonderburger, a Mt. Greenwood restaurant that closed in 2014 after 60 years, is set to return at the end of the fall at a new location right next to Grant’s other restaurant, La Fiesta. wonderburger retractable skylight

Grant loves his Roll-A-Cover retractable enclosure so much at La Fiesta that he decided to incorporate a retractable enclosure into Wonderburger. Wonderburger does not have an outdoor patio, so Grant opted for a retractable skylight. “I’m adding the skylight at Wonderburger because I love the product,” Grant expressed. “My lean-to enclosure at La Fiesta has worked out tremendously well. Added party space and solved all bad weather scheduling issues. I’ve had no issues with the enclosure and look forward to the new skylight enhancing my burger bar project.” la fiesta retractable enclosure

Roll-A-Cover’s Wonderburger retractable skylight is provided by Viewpoint Enclosures, Roll-A-Cover’s Chicago dealer. Patrons will be able to enjoy the famous burgers and curly fries at Wonderburger while enjoying the outdoor ambiance that the retractable skylight brings to the restaurant, year-round! Stay tuned for completed pictures! wonderburger retractable skylight


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