How to Create Year-Round Outdoor Dining for Your Restaurant

How to Create Year-Round Outdoor Dining for Your Restaurant

outdoor dining enclosures

Restaurants with outdoor dining tend to draw diners into their restaurant. When the host/hostess asks diners if they want to sit inside or outside, diners commonly prefer to sit outside. Patrons love to experience al fresco dining, especially when the weather is wonderful. What happens when the weather turns or when the colder months come, though? Suddenly, your restaurant loses a large portion of your seating capacity, therefore, your restaurant loses a significant amount of revenue. Fortunately, Roll-A-Cover’s retractable outdoor dining enclosures and retractable roof systems for restaurants are the simple solution to this.

outdoor dining enclosures

Outdoor dining enclosures are structural enclosures that protect diners from the elements, while providing a year-round outdoor ambiance. When the weather becomes inclement, the retractable enclosure simply closes via motorization or by manually pushing the bays. These structural custom glass roof systems are designed to fit your restaurant’s outdoor dining needs and withstand heavy snow and wind loads. Some outdoor patios require retractable skylight systems while others require full retractable enclosure systems or lean-to enclosures. Roll-A-Cover will design your system perfectly for your restaurant’s outdoor space. Additionally, Roll-A-Cover’s outdoor dining enclosures and roof systems are perfect for any patio at any level. Rooftop restaurants and bars largely benefit by having retractable enclosures because they can close their enclosure when the weather becomes inclement but still maintain their gorgeous rooftop views. restaurant patio enclosure

Maximizing your restaurant’s seating capacity by adding a Roll-A-Cover retractable enclosure also adds a WOW factor to your restaurant.¬†Creating a year-round outdoor dining space is very important for the success of your restaurant. Contact or (203) 393-7292 today for a design and a quote! Roll-A-Cover’s team will work with you to create a spectacular outdoor dining enclosure for your restaurant’s outdoor patio space.




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