Roll-A-Cover Rooftops are Favorites of Eater New York!

Eater New York’s article, “20 Enticing Rooftop Bars Around NYC,” published on April 19, 2018, features multiple spectacular rooftops with Roll-A-Covers! Its writers, Patty Diez and Stefanie Tuder, know what is UP! If you are looking to “eat and drink while taking in incredible views and basking in the sun” this week in NYC, visit these places as recommended by Eater. 

1. The Heights Bar & Grill – “On the second level of this Morningside Heights bar sits a quiet rooftop open year-round that can be partially enclosed (which means it’s a fine place to visit if it threatens to rain).” 2867 Broadway New York, NY heights bar & grill retractable roof

2. The Empire Hotel Rooftop – “The 8,000-square-foot space has a fireplace, lounge chairs, and sweeping views of Lincoln Center.” (not to mention a Roll-A-Cover!) 44 W 63rd St, New York, NY  nyc hotel retractable roof

3. Cantina Rooftop – “Indulge in Mexican with a view at this Hell’s Kitchen rooftop, which remains open year-round.” (Thanks to its Roll-A-Cover!) 605 W 48th St, New York, NY cantina rooftop retractable roof

4. Berry Park – “Communal tables and flowing European beer options scream summer at this Brooklyn beer bar.” This is a prime location for a good view and a good brew! Rain or shine, Roll-A-Cover’s got you covered with its retractable roof! 4 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY berry park retractable roof


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