Liberty Precision Industries

Liberty Precision, based in Rochester, NY, searched for a company that could have the mobility and flexibility with customizing enclosures (best known as cages) for the machinery that they manufacture for the auto industry. They also required a strong, well recognized company that could assist in expediting designs with both Cad and Shop software through their engineering staff. Quality was critical due to the constant abuse that the enclosure would be taking from the shrapnel and hydraulic fluids that are tossed around inside the body of the equipment. Effortless access into the machinery for maintenance and support when needed with ease was also desired. Roll-A-Cover earned their respect and thus a long term relationship began. Kerry Taylor, Vice President of Roll-A-Cover, who heads the engineering department at the corporate office in Connecticut, was instrumental in developing this bond and continuous support program that has brought these two great companies together.
The enclosures were designed by Kerry and the staff at Precision and pre-assembled at the Connecticut facility as with all other enclosures. They were then shipped knocked down and assembled by corporate staff on site. Also, we had on site supervision from the corporate office via the latest technological view enhancements, best known as WEB-CAM. This way, 500 miles away, we were able to view the process from start to completion and assist with questions and concerns.