Invest in a Retractable Enclosure for Your Restaurant

Invest in a Roll-A-Cover Retractable Enclosure for your Restaurant Today!

Roll-A-Cover understands that your business is being greatly impacted financially from COVID-19.
Your outdoor patio is about to become a valuable resource for your business!
– Everyone will want to be outdoors after being forced inside.
– Your outdoor patio will transform your restaurant, allowing people to dine in an open & clean air space.
– Since bars & restaurants can operate with “diminished standing room occupancy,” your outdoor patio will give you the additional space you’ll need.
With that being said, Roll-A-Cover can transform your outdoor patio into a year-round, revenue producing space…
– You will continue to attract diners to an outdoor dining atmosphere, even when the weather is bad.
– Your business already owns this valuable space. Now is the time to capitalize on the outdoor area.
Your business will be able to re-coupe the losses from the shutdown and ramp up for
Winter 2020 and 2021 business.

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