Roll-A-Cover’s Retractable Roof at the Moxy East Village Featured on Hoda & Jenna

New York, NY – On February, 4th, Today with Hoda & Jenna featured Hoda & Jenna partaking in a Barry’s Bootcamp exercise class on the under the retractable roof at the Moxy East Village rooftop. The segment highlighted outdoor winter workouts in the time of the pandemic and featured the Roll-A-Cover retractable glass roof. 

moxy east village retractable roof

moxy east village retractable roofBecause the retractable roof at Moxy East Village can open, Barry’s has been hosting workout class weekly on the rooftop. This ensures safety for the guests. If the roof could not open, the rooftop would not be able to safely operate. Fortunately, the Moxy is still able to remain open due to its retractable roof and its ability to have proper air ventilation.

You can watch the segment on Hoda & Jenna here.

When the rooftop isn’t being used by Barry’s Bootcamp, it is a stunning restaurant and a bar. When the weather is inclement, the retractable roof closes and patrons can still enjoy the rooftop ambiance. The roof never loses revenue due to weather or the pandemic, as well. moxy east village retractable roof open

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moxy east village retractable roof


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