Restaurants & Rooftops with Retractable Skylights Transform Patio Spaces

Retractable Skylights for Restaurants & Rooftops

Roll-A-Cover’s restaurant retractable glass skylights and rooftops provide a one-of-a-kind experience for restaurant diners. When given the option to sit inside or outside, most people choose to sit outside. Natural light and fresh air are coveted and sets a restaurant apart from its competition. A Roll-A-Cover motorized glass roof gives a space both things.

restaurant rooftop retractable skylight

According to a reviewer on Yelp who dines at Benchmark in Chicago under its Roll-A-Cover retractable roof, “If you’re lucky to get a spot on the second floor with retractable roof, nothing’s better.” Roll-A-Cover’s restaurant retractable skylights allow for year-round use of a restaurant’s outdoor patio and/or rooftop space. They also allow for indoor spaces to transform into semi-outdoor ones. When the weather becomes inclement, the motorized roof simply closes with the push of a button and diners can still continue to enjoy the views of the sky. When the weather permits, the retractable skylight opens and allows diners to be outside. restaurant rooftop retractable skylight

Roll-A-Cover’s retractable skylights are the perfect application for restaurant/bar patios and rooftops. The ability to open and close the skylight allows for restaurants to stay open regardless of the weather. This ensures a return on investment. 

The state-of-the-art restaurant retractable glass skylights also help generate reviews. Just look at Yelp! One of the hundreds of positive statements on Yelp regarding Roll-A-Cover’s retractable roofs said after dining at J House in Greenwich, CT, “Do yourself a favor and sit in the enclosed outdoor patio! So nice and relaxing and a great place to take pretty pictures.” We couldn’t agree more!

restaurant rooftop retractable skylight

If you are looking to take your restaurant to the next level and add an outdoor ambiance to your space or design a retractable skylight for your rooftop restaurant and bar, contact today for a design and a quote!

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