Secret NYC Featured Roll-A-Cover Retractable Roofs in Recent Article

Secret NYC Featured Roll-A-Cover Retractable Roofs in Recent Article, “11 Stunning NYC Rooftop Bars Open for the Perfect Spring Evenings”

The article states, “From Midtown mainstays to brand new spots with glass greenhouses for socially distant dining, there are tons of amazing options.” Several of these restaurants are able to remain open year-round because they have Roll-A-Cover retractable glass roofs, which allow the restaurants to turn their outdoor spaces into indoor spaces and vise versa when the weather permits. Therefore, they also can stay safely open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, during the winter months or rainy days, the retractable roofs close and diners can still enjoy an outdoor ambiance. Therefore, restaurants never lose revenue on their outdoor patios due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. Instead of having a fixed roofs, these restaurants can open their glass roofs in the spring and summer. Below are the New York City all-season retractable roofs installed by Roll-A-Cover featured in the Secret NYC article. 

NYC All-Season Retractable Roofs:

Eataly Flatiron
200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010
One of the city’s favorite rooftops, SERRA by Birreria, has transformed into their current theme of Serra Stellata, inspired by “starry nights in the forest, encouraging guests to look up and admire the winter night sky this season.”
  eataly retractable roof    eataly restaurant rooftop retractable skylight

Cantina Rooftop
605 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036
“Cantina Rooftop on 48th Street has been open for four years and offers a “modern Mexican menu” as well as specialty tequila and mezcal cocktails. But the main attraction? It boasts a climate-controlled retractable glass rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Manhattan, that can be enjoyed no matter the season—or the weather.”
cantina rooftop retractable roof cantina rooftop nyc retractable roof
Sandbar Rooftop
152 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001
“They have a retractable roof and those swing seats we adore!”
sandbar rooftop nyc retractable roof  sandbar rooftop retractable roof

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