Spoon University Featured Roll-A-Cover NYC Glass Retractable Roofs in Article

Spoon University Featured Roll-A-Cover NYC Glass Retractable Roofs in Article

Spoon University featured Roll-A-Cover glass retractable roofs in the article titled “9 NYC Rooftop Restaurants You Can Still Enjoy During the Winter.” During the winter months, rooftop bars are not as appealing as indoor ones due to the weather. Many rooftop bars do not even operate when the weather is inclement. Roll-A-Cover’s retractable roofs allow rooftop bars to operate year-round. They also create an ambiance that is unparalleled. Guests will be able to enjoy the NYC skyline views even when the glass retractable roof is closed. This creates a WOW factor for your rooftop bar. Additionally, if the weather is lovely, you can open the retractable roof. Below are the Roll-A-Cover enclosed rooftop bars that are featured in the Spoon University article

  1. Hotel Chantelle
    92 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002
    “The rooftop at Hotel Chantelle will make you feel like you stepped out of Manhattan and onto the streets of France, except you’ll never feel the chill of either city with the retractable roof.”
    hotel chantelle retractable roof hotel chantelle retractable glass roof

  2. Cantina Rooftop 
    605 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036
    “No matter how you’re feeling, they’ve got you covered will all of your Mexican favorites. Plus, there’s nothing cooler than a glass retractable roof. “
    cantina rooftop retractable roof cantina rooftop retractable roof

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