‘Roll-A-Cover Uncovered’: Tacoria Retractable Skylight, New Brunswick, NJ

Retractable Glass Roof by Roll-A-Cover Expands Tacoria’s Patio Business

New Brunswick, NJ – This week’s “Roll-A-Cover Uncovered” is the Tacoria retractable skylight in New Brunswick, NJ! Tacoria has fabulous Mexican food and a large outdoor patio space. Patrons at Tacoria can sit on its lively patio year-round thanks to its Roll-A-Cover retractable glass roof! tacoria retractable skylight

This Tacoria retractable skylight system allows diners to feel like they are outside even when the weather is inclement. With just the push of a button, the retractable glass roof closes. The retractable roof creates a perfect ambiance for guests of Tacoria. tacoria retractable skylightThis retractable skylight allows diners to feel like they are outside even when the weather is inclement. Tacoria has gained an ample amount of additional year-round seating that they did not have before, which has increased their revenue stream. 




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