Several Roll-A-Cover Retractable Roofs Featured in Recent Eater Chicago Article

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Chicago, IL – Eater Chicago’s recent article “25 Sheltered Spots for Open-Air Dining in Chicago When It Rains”  features several Roll-A-Cover enclosed restaurants. “Retractable roof coverings and sliding walls — which before 2020 were nice-to-have accouterment — are now vital assets for restaurants as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and more variants emerge,” the article states. […]

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Several Roll-A-Cover Retractable Roofs Featured in Secret NYC Article

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New York, NY – The popular NYC publication Secret NYC released an article titled “24 Stunning Rooftop Bars Open for the Perfect Summer Evenings.” Several rooftop bars with Roll-A-Cover retractable roofs are featured in this article. “Though summer weather has been a little sporadic this year with a blistering heat wave and lots of rain, […]

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The Roll-A-Cover Retractable Roof at Celeste in Chicago, IL

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Chicago, IL – Celeste, a swanky restaurant in River North, boasts a stunning outdoor patio area with a Roll-A-Cover motorized glass roof. The Celeste Chicago retractable roof was designed and installed by Viewpoint Enclosures in Chicago. The popular restaurant on W Hubbard Street is able to use its outdoor patio year-round. This is due to […]

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Prepare Your Outdoor Space for 2021 with a Retractable Roof System

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It’s Time to Prepare for 2021! 5 Reasons Your Restaurant Patio Needs a Roll-A-Cover Retractable Enclosure or a Retractable Roof System Maximizes Revenue:  Roll-A-Cover retractable enclosures and roof systems allow for outdoor restaurants, bars and rooftops to remain open year-round, regardless of the weather. Therefore, restaurants, bars and rooftops never lose revenue on their outdoor space […]

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Types and Benefits of Restaurant Patio Enclosures

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Types and Benefits of Retractable Structures for Restaurant Patios Roll-A-Cover’s restaurant patio enclosure designs allow restaurants to utilize their outdoor patio spaces year-round. Firstly, when the weather becomes inclement, the retractable enclosure simply closes. Therefore, diners can still dine in the patio area. When the weather permits, the retractable enclosure opens and turns the patio […]

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Spoon University Featured Roll-A-Cover NYC Glass Retractable Roofs in Article

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Spoon University Featured Roll-A-Cover NYC Glass Retractable Roofs in Article Spoon University featured Roll-A-Cover glass retractable roofs in the article titled “9 NYC Rooftop Restaurants You Can Still Enjoy During the Winter.” During the winter months, rooftop bars are not as appealing as indoor ones due to the weather. Many rooftop bars do not even […]

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5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs a Retractable Roof

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Maximize Revenue: – Retractable roofs allow restaurants to use their patio space year-round – There is no such thing as “weather permitting” when your restaurant has a retractable roof – It increases capacity by expanding your year-round usable space to include the patio area – Patrons flock to inviting outdoor dining areas Environmental Advantages: – […]

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Restaurants & Rooftops with Retractable Skylights Transform Patio Spaces

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Retractable Skylights for Restaurants & Rooftops Roll-A-Cover’s restaurant retractable glass skylights and rooftops provide a one-of-a-kind experience for restaurant diners. When given the option to sit inside or outside, most people choose to sit outside. Natural light and fresh air are coveted and sets a restaurant apart from its competition. A Roll-A-Cover motorized glass roof […]

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Roll-A-Cover’s Retractable Glass Roof at Roots Pizza, South Loop Chicago

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 Retractable Glass Roof at Roots Pizza, South Loop Chicago The Roots Pizza retractable glass roof in South Loop, Chicago, designed by Viewpoint Enclosures and manufactured by Roll-A-Cover, allows for year-round use of the rooftop restaurant’s outdoor patio space! When the weather becomes inclement, the large motorized skylight simply closes with the push of a button. […]

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Maximize Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Seating with a Retractable Roof & Satisfy Covid-19 Guidelines

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Maximize Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Seating with a Retractable Roof & Satisfy Covid-19 Guidelines Is social distancing reducing your restaurant’s seating capacity? Well, Roll-A-Cover has the perfect solution for that. Maximize your restaurant’s outdoor seating with a Roll-A-Cover retractable roof. Covid-19 restaurant reopening guidelines in Chicago include outdoor spaces and rooms with retractable roofs. Therefore, restaurant’s […]

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